Married at First Sight Recap: Episode 12 & 13

Our couples are hurtling towards decision day and the end of the journey is bringing some emotional big emotional highs and lows. As Lilly struggles through her estranged dad’s birthday, the moment forces her to rely on Tom’s support to get through. Tom, of course, is a rockstar of support due to the unfortunate fact that he also has a nonexistent relationship with his own father. Says Tom, “I still call my dad on his birthday. He never calls me, but it still makes me feel good.” Such an awful thing to bond over, but these two are certainly rising above their circumstances.

Thankfully, Tom and Lilly’s mothers are in route to brighten up the week. Tom is adorable in asking for Lilly’s mom’s blessing on the marriage and trying so hard to communicate in Spanish.

One of these things is not like the others
One of these things is not like the others

We learn from Tom’s mom that “he’s not a follower”, as he begrudgingly joins the ladies for painting night but copes by eschewing the bland dolphin design that the group is following, instead creating his own unique piece featuring a swimmer chased by a shark. (Love how he mis-uses the dolphin stencil to make his shark tail.)

Tom’s mom also gives Lilly the insight that he always need to have attention (and always has). So the worst thing that anyone could do is ignore him. This is really good to understand exactly why the phone/work issue is such a big deal to Tom, because he’s been making a big deal about it (or production is making a big deal out of it to add some drama and suspense). Anyway, it feels like a lot of drama from him because seriously, it’s not like the whole world isn’t on their phone all the time. Especially Lilly being self-employed. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that Tom, being an entrepreneur himself, finds it so easy to limit his working hours solely to week days.

It is a bit of a red flag that Tom says about Lilly “she’s really stubborn and doesn’t want to change.” It’s really important to avoid using these definitives about a spouse, like “you never”, “you always” or “you won’t.” Both in thoughts and out loud (because thoughts are prone to leaking out the lips, as Nick learned the hard way). Those blanket assumptions can blind us to the exceptions, to the good in our partner. When we expect them to act a certain way, eventually that way is all we’re going to see.

Anyway, it’s been five weeks! A stressful five weeks. To say something so definitively about what a spouse is or isn’t willing to do, is a little premature. Lilly did the same thing in Episode 13 where she said Tom always feels like he needs to be right or have the last word in a conversation.

But we’ll let them both off the hook because they are 99% full of super sweet and supportive things to say about each other. Plus both of those comments came during producer interviews, so we know they were probably  just trying to come up with a dozen way of saying the same thing in response to the endless questioning.

Episode 13 is mostly high for Tom and Lilly as they embark on a mini 2nd honeymoon. From our vantage point, it appears that Dr. Pepper gives them just a couple of days notice for this assignment, but they must have had more time than that. It’s not really fair to tell Lilly to put away her phone for a weekend without giving her a chance to make arrangements like alerting clients.

They take the bus which seems a little bittersweet for Tom, as he realizes that Lilly is never really going to embrace bus living, but at least she’s making an effort to show respect for and interest in bus operations. I mean, how can she not love traveling in a vehicle where she can stretch out and sleep, then get up and get herself a cold beverage from the fridge. It’s so awesome that by the end of the trip, Lilly is day dreaming about taking an extended cross-country road trip! (if you haven’t figured it out, we really love road trips!)mafs6

Another great quote from Lilly was that “Tom really does push me out of my comfort zone and that’s something I asked for from the beginning. Because I really do like to try new things but I’m a scardy cat.” I second Dr. Pepper in that I too hope that these two stay married and have one big wonderful adventure together.

Nick and Sonia are on a 2nd honeymoon and have returned to their usually quirky banter that we love about them.

Sonia, “can we go salsa dancing?” (while in South Beach)

Nick, we can frickin’ go salsa dancing while we’re rollerblading (WTF? Or is that a movie quote, am I that out of touch? Either way, these guys are so perfect for each other. The fact that they feed off each other’s oddball humor is so endearing.)

These two definitely needed a change of scenery and a little reminder of how things were on their real honeymoon. Just like prior to the last honeymoon, Nick gets to hang out with Sonia’s dad first. This time he’s really stressed. And thank goodness the overdramatic music playing loudly during this scene wasn’t really there in real life, or Nick probably would have sweated blood.

Nick finally admits that Sonia has worked really hard to accept the dogs and that it means a lot to him. And Sonia admits that she misses their house and even the dogs, though not enough to move back in with only a week left to go.

So, instead of rollerblading, these two embark on a tandem bike adventure, managing not to run into anyone while navigating streets teaming with tourists. Nick says planned this activity because he wanted Sonia to know she can be comfortable sharing a space with him. This could have really backfired, but fortunately Sonia embraces the experience. Even though she can’t see past Nick’s back, having to rely on him not to kill them, she is comfortable, at ease and happy to forget about all their drama.

Over dinner that night, Nick tells her he was wishing “we could double bike, like forever.” Awwwwwww. He continues to express his feelings of frustration that Sonia won’t move back in, and hopefully Nick’s patience doesn’t run too thin while he waits for her. He’s already expressing frustration and confusing that she may not be interested in staying together and that he’s scared that the marriage may be over.

It was a little encouraging to hear some of Nick’s comments during unfiltered. He talks about how he and Sonia housed a little girl for a day (which we never say during filming), and about how he’s “just” ordered a new calendar for the two of them, speaking in present terms when it seems like the Unfiltered episodes were all filmed post decision day.

What do you think, will they stay together?? (please, please, please!)  Can’t wait until Tuesday’s finale!!

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