Married at First Sight Recap: Episode 11

Only two weeks left until decision day (Already?! We’re going to miss you MAFS!). In other words, two more weeks until an arbitrary, producer-determined time at which our couples have to make one, final public announcement of their mutual love and/or hate and finally be free of the camera crew and return to normal life. Unless they stay together and get picked up for MAFS: The First Year. (please don’t do this, Nick. But please, all of you, come back to live tweet next season and continue to share your insider perspective).

Anyway, two weeks until decision day and Sonia and Nick are living apart. Not a good sign. But what is totally amazeballs, in Sonia’s words, is that Sonia is taking Nick out to feed homeless people. Which has Nick feeling all the feels about how Sonia is “exactly the girl I want to be married to. Nick’s change of attitude is giving me a terrible sense of déjà vu. Last season there was a couple named Neil and Sam. They were that season’s “quirky couple” just like Sonia and Nick. Neil started the marriage totally enthusiastic, while Sam wasn’t that into him and reacted to the stress of whole situation with a bit of verbal diarrhea. By time Sam warmed up to Neil, Neil’s feelings had taken a beating. Decision day threw a total curveball with Sam wanting to stay together but Neil rejecting her. Sam ugly cried in the parking lot. It was terrible. Yes, Nick made a mistake but I definitely don’t wish that experience on him.

Speaking of Nick’s mistake, he provided a hint more insight into the whole insight during “Unfiltered,” by saying that he was “just trying to end the questioning.” It’s true that reality TV producers sometimes have to film the same responses repeatedly to get it just right. (from what I hear. I don’t know this first hand) It makes sense that (being drunk and tired), Nick would snap and blurt out something crazy. Though TV viewers would never hear it, I could imagine him finishing his rant about not liking or finding Sonia attractive by saying something like “there, is that what you want me to say, are you happy, will you leave me alone now?”

And he’s probably explained that all to Sonia, which would be why he’s somewhat nonchalant about his apology and the distance she needs to needs. Understandable… but despite the context, what he said was hurtful and Sonia is justifiable in being guarded. Though she seems to be doing an admirable job of not putting her walls up too high. Sonia is appreciative of how Nick has embraced “Sandwich Day” and recognizes that “he’s trying more than ever before.” What she’s failing to see that he’s also OPENING UP (!!!) by telling her how much he wants her to move back in. Unfortunately, she just sees this as him not understanding how much he’s hurt her and how she needs time and space to recover.

C’mon you guys, please get it together, you’re just too cute to break up! At least stay together so you can give things a chance off camera. We’re already SO over tired of the season’s first break up. I don’t even really want to acknowledge the whole Derek and Heather reunion because it was all just so forced and awkward. Really, “when do you want to file the papers?” Did that need to be asked?  Did we really need to open the door to snark from Derek about how he’s surprised that Heather didn’t have the papers in her pocket, because he had his pen ready.

Meanwhile, we once again have some MUD (made up drama) from Lilly and Tom to add a little suspense. Actually, I was kind of surprised to hear in “Unfiltered” that Lilly thought they had a challenge communicating when arguing. These two seem to have fantastic communication. This time, their disagreement is over Lilly’s workaholic ways. Given Lilly seems poised to be the breadwinner in this relationship, Tom might want to lighten up on this argument. But actually, Tom does an exemplarily job of picking his battles. I love following his internal dialogue as he starts off the evening annoyed that Lilly is late and that she hasn’t prepared vows like they had agreed to. But happily, he keeps himself together and doesn’t react. Because he soon learns that Lilly has invested time into preparing an amazing custom work of art for him. His appreciation of this gift could have been totally spoiled if it had been prefaced with pouty, grouchy guy. Tom chooses to embrace Lilly’s love language (how she shows love), instead of asking her to conform to his idea of how she should show him love. Tom seems to value quality time and appreciates when Lilly shows up on time and engages in conversation. Whether personality or culture, timeliness seems to be a struggle for Lilly, but she is one hell of gift giver! Hooray for Tom for recognizing that, and for giving us another classic quote to add to your Quotes from Tom calendar. “sometimes I get irritated, but I’m always happy to see my wife.”

Speaking of quality time, Lilly is also willing to give this gift to Tom as she sets out on a surfing adventure with Tom. Surfing is a tough sport with a huge learning curve. Learning to surf is frustrating enough without learning from your spouse (well, unless your spouse flirts with the surf instructor, in which case you’re probably better off learning from your spouse. Or maybe just not surfing at all). Anyway, Lilly is a rock star. No bitching or whining, no matter how many times she falls off and gets hit in the head. Although, we can’t help but wonder that if Lilly is facing upcoming shoulder surgery, does she really want to be out surfing?

The episode ends on a celebratory note for both couples. Lilly and Tom get friends together for bowling while Sonia and Nick’s Cinco de Mayo party is highlighted by some bad white boy dancing more friends telling them they need to work on their communication skills. Seriously, it’s becoming no surprise that Nick flipped out. Who wouldn’t when you, on one hand being forced to constantly answer repetitive questions while simultaneously being told to work harder on your communication. The guy can’t win. Plus, that’s an introvert’s hell.

Yay, no big cliff hangers for next week. Will Sonia move back in? (odds are on, yes) Will Lilly and Tom recover from their another little misunderstanding? Of course. What do you think, AmIRight?!

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