Married at First Sight Recap: Episode 10

Up until now, the week seems really long as I (Aminda) anxiously anticipate the next MAFS episode. Like, I almost want to wait until it’s all over so I can binge watch it, and avoid the anticipation. This week was different though… knowing what was coming my eagerness turned to dread.

Expert Rachel concisely sums it this episode by pointing out that as couple’s settle into domestic routines, this can escalate the connection they are feeling and make it feel like a marriage, or make their little concerns feel overwhelming.

Overwhelming is the perfect way to describe Nick and Sonia’s awkward attempts at creating some domestic routines, like sharing breakfast, but those little efforts don’t seem to be going very far to bridge the great divide that is Sonia’s discomfort with Nick’s dogs. Sonia extends a major olive branch by inviting a trainer over to act as a neutral party in helping Sonia gain confidence and control around the dogs. This is a smart move and while Nick seems appreciative, he frustratingly makes it about him and feeling good to have “shared leadership responsibilities.” Instead of seeing, as Sonia says, that “this girl is really trying.”

Derek and Heather return – giving us a new and interesting perspective. In the past, couples who choose divorce on decision day, return for one quick “Six Months Later” episode and that’s the last we hear from them. Now we’re getting a glimpse into the aftermath of this short, intense experiment.

Now, I’ve totally defended Heather for doing what she needs to do, and I stand by that. But… it’s frustrating to hear her so bitter about Derek’s “below the belt name calling” of her being on a “high horse and acting like she’s in the 1940’s.” I mean, really? Seriously?  Those are horrible, irreconcilable insults? Dr. Pepper gracefully corrects her by pointing out that there is a different between honesty and cruelty. Because in nobody’s reality can “high horse” be considered cruel.

In her interview on Unfiltered, Heather commented that she thinks “Derek came in wanting to make it work with no matter who they put in front of him.” Proving what we’ve already guessed – she is Missing. The. Whole. Point.

Dr. Pepper wisely points out to Derek that she wouldn’t want to see him put in a situation where he wouldn’t be treated like he should be treated. From that perspective, Heather made the right call. Jamie Otis, season one participant who is still married, offered a great insider perspective on Heather’s decision

Married At First Sight: From One MAFS Bride To Another (And Giving You Another Perspective On Heather)

OK, what we really need right now is barefoot Tom hacking open a fresh coconut and casually mixing up a cocktail. It looks so much like his normal routine, almost like he just picked the coconut off the ground came from his own tree. If so, I’m kinda jealous. But not. Is having coconuts worth the risk of falling coconuts?

Tom’s surf bum style is a nice refreshing break from the drama. I’m craving coconut water. And spring. Definitely spring break.


Lovely Lilly just lets him have his outside time, knowing Tom is fully content, sipping and savoring his coconut while puttering around the patio. I love how she’s so confident that he’s just going to hang out there forever – at least long enough for her to have an uninterrupted chat with Tom’s brother about birthday party plans. Plans that include a last minute deep cleaning of the house, which has Tom baffled about her random spring cleaning craze. Lilly should have told him she was nesting.  But what a great guy to go along with it and such a fun, cooperative attitude instead of getting whiny.

Their conversation about poop was amazing and made me thankful that Josh and I have never had a home with only one bathroom, because a poop emergency really could happen! Love that Lilly just rolled with it and was so accommodating about finding a policy that would ensure nobody poops their pants. Good call – pants pooping is definitely not healthy in marriage.

Funny that Tom also jokes about Lilly’s dutch oven policy – because across town, that’s kinda what Nick is turning into – a fetid, obnoxious explosion. We feel a slow buildup as he explains how Sonia has shut down or walked away from past conflict, causing him to be more hesitant to open up (creating a vicious cycle), and that he’s “reassessing the situation” as they go… whatever that means, it doesn’t sound very optimistic.

The downward spiral of doom quickly turns ugly. I couldn’t even keep up. And don’t even really want to recap the conversation because it was Just. So. Sad. Glad I didn’t have any bets placed on these two, because I would have lost. They are so cute, what happened?

And here comes the emotional rollercoaster as Tom and Lilly revel  in a huge birthday love fest and the tears of sadness I’ve been choking back, slip out as tears of joy. Thanks Tilly for giving us a reason to return next week!

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