Married at First Sight Episode 8 Recap

So if this was the Bachelor, this episode might be hyped as the “most dramatic week yet”. It’s not the Bachelor (yay!) but there was still plenty of drama. We’re kept hanging for the Derek and Heather drama we all want to see.

Instead we start with the most dramatically confusing intro ever. Tom takes the dog for a walk. When he gets back, Lilly is gone and not responding to his text. We’re expecting her to show up all cheery and with coffee and bagels. Because that’s what we’re used to happening in RomComs. Couple has a one night stand. Girl wakes up to find guy not there. Girl panics, then breathes huge sigh of relief to find him downstairs making omelets and scones.

Turns out, Lilly’s been at a doctor’s appointment. Obviously Tom didn’t know in advance that Lilly had a doctor appointment, but the timing was still odd. Does Tom walk the dog for hours? If so, then he shouldn’t be surprised that Lilly gets tired of waiting and leaves. Or did Lilly have the shortest doctor’s appointment in history? I mean, it looked like she showed up right after he returned with the dog. Did she really drive round trip and have the appointment in the same time as a quick dog walk? So many questions, I could barely focus on the following conversation.

Lilly has found out that will require shoulder surgery, which sends her into a panic, not about the surgery, but about what it will mean to her relationship with Tom. Can she rely on him to support her during such a tough time? Will he balk at having to care for her so much, so soon?

Then it was so weird that expert Rachel suddenly arrived when Lilly is still in her PJ’s, as if Rachel is there for an emergency visit to counsel Lilly. But Rachel also visits Sonia and Nick, describing it as an “intimacy visit,” so it must have been pre-planned.

While we’re still pondering these deep thoughts, pastor Calvin throws us a curveball.

“Do Derek and Heather wish to abandon their commitment?”

Ummm… is that a trick question? Sure hope not, but I don’t know. Aren’t you supposed to tell us? That’s kind of why we’re all watching this week. Do we get to find out now, or do we have to wait another 40 minutes? Or will there be another cliff hanger? (that would be a pretty desperate move).

And the final answer is… Yes. Yes, Heather wishes to abandon her commitment. And we will never get to see these two ride their cute coordinating cruiser bikes to the beach together. We’ll never get to see them reveal their salaries on national TV or find out what happened to those mugs they left back at the honeymoon hotel.

Instead, Derek and Heather part ways with a cursory “good luck.”

But, optimistic expert Rachel reminds that we still have two couples. Can’t really say how happy they are, because Sonia and Nick are still debriefing the previous night’s fight. These two are some expert debriefers.

This time, Nick is going to take some action, dang it. He plans a very nice date with Sonia’s favorite flower and lots of wine. “We’re going to do a little wine tasting, maybe get a little drunk.”

Seriously, that was a lot of wine. And no one was clearing the table of those empty glasses. (unless production though having 20 glasses on the table would be a nice visual) But it still wasn’t enough wine to bring on the whoopee. Whomp, whomp.

But seriously, sex isn’t going to happen if Sonia keeps haven’t sleep with the dog. Didn’t Dr. Pepper address that last week? Here comes expert Rachel to try a different approach.

Just when we thought these two couldn’t get any more awkward… here comes a totally cringeworthy explanation about why Nick hasn’t DTD with Sonia. He is clearly choosing his words carefully (knowing Sonia will be watching this conversation someday) and mumbling something vague about previous flings and being able to choose them upfront and having a attraction right away. Ouch.

At least Rachel gives him some practical advice to “open up about your lack of openness.” At least that gives him something to work with, instead of just being pushed to “open up.”

I’m going to jump waaaaay ahead hear, because this scene almost feels like foreshadowing to the preview for next week’s episode where Nick finally loses it about being told to open up. (saw that one coming) Seriously, my heart sank to hear Nick saying “I don’t like her, I’m not attracted to her.” Ugh. I’m kinda dreading the next episode now. I’ve rewatched, trying to figure out if maybe, hopefully, it was pulled out of context… but it sure doesn’t seem like it. It feels especially out of left field after the high note that this episode left these this couple. After a cozy threeway snuggle fest with a therapist, Sonia says she feels “ like I could have sex with my husband right now. Maybe it will happen tonight.”

I’m going to have a bottle of wine and box of tissue ready for the next episode. Between watching Nick’s confession and watching Derek have to tell his mom that the marriage is over… I just don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for that. We catch a glimpse of Derek easing his way back into his old life and it’s already heartbreaking. “Maybe I’m supposed to be along. What was it about me that was so bad, so unbearable that she wanted to quit and walk away so soon?”

mafs He obviously can’t feel like that anymore, with hundreds of women in the Twittersphere swooning over him and planning Spring Break in Miami.

Messy Marriage

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