Married at First Sight Recap: Episode 6

Just a reminder that Married at First Sight is on the FYI TV Network and online at This is the fourth season of MAFS. Each season, three couples get married to a partner picked out for them by a team of experts after a rigorous selection process. The show follows them for six weeks to see if they’ll make it as a couple.

The first five episodes have revolved around wedding planning, the actual wedding and the honeymoon. This week all that fun and excitement is over and the drudgery of real life begins. This episode focuses on two of three couples, since the third, Derek and Heather, started to self-destruct the second day of the honeymoon and are taking a couple days to rest, regroup and determine if the fledgling relationship can be salvaged. (It’s unlikely – previous seasons have never seen a couple recover from this type of discord so soon. )

They might have well called this episode “thrown Under the Bus, since, after weeks of suspenseful buildup, this episode’s climax was all about Lilly’s reaction to finally finding out Tom lives in a bus. But first, we need our mandatory opener of these two gazing into each other’s eyes like high school sweethearts, talking about how happy they are. And once again with Nick and Sonia are stuck in the friend zone. While Tom brags about their bedroom compatibility, poor Sonia is still lamenting that she doesn’t even know if her husband finds her attractive.(Wasn’t Nick’s mom supposed to check in now and then to make sure he’s been telling her he does?)

While these two couples are recapping their week of honeymoon bliss, Derek and Heather’s husband and wife mugs get forlornly behind like used shampoo bottles as little black clouds of gloom follow them out of the hotel and to the airport.

Soon the couples are en route to the reality of living together in place sans room service and housekeeping. The couples have three options for moving in together: A. his place B. her place, or C. a fresh new rental. Option C, while more expensive, usually seems healthier as it provides neutral territory and shared ownership, where neither person feels like a guest.

Nick and Sonia face their biggest obstacle yet as they introduce Sonia to Nick’s dogs. Sonia handles herself so gracefully with the dogs, that she feels Nick misunderstands that she actually has a “legitimate fear” stemming from a childhood incident.

The best foreshadowing quote from Lilly, “I can’t wait to see your place. You haven’t told me anything.” Then she pulls into a trailer park and she immediately wishes she has Dr. Pepper on speed dial because “what the F” is up with this bait and switch? The independent, financially secure man that she demanded does not live in a trailer park.

Fortunately for all of us romantics out here in TV land, she keeps an open mind. Tom has put in to make the bus a comfortable living space, with a dash of adventure (because she asked for that too, right). Well, comfortable until the lights and hot water go out on her during a shower. And then we’re all like


A huge positive sign for these two is how well Tom was willing to move to a new place. Early on he mentioned that he’d broken up with previous girlfriends because they couldn’t accept the bus. Lilly doesn’t want to live the bus any more than they do, but simply the fact that she embraces it as part of what she admires about Tom, and Boom, that’s all it takes for him to.

Derek and Heather have an emergency meeting with Samuel L. Jackson Pastor Calvin, which is barely worth mentioning because nothing changes except we now have a bit of a cliffhanger regarding whether they’re going to last the full 6 weeks. In other words, we’ll find out if it in their contract to stay together for 6 weeks, or they’re released. Because they are clearly not choosing to stay together. (yes, I’m over being optimistic about these two.)

Next up is a MAFS first in which the couples are forced to reveal their salary and debt on national TV, then try to convince us that it’s only awkward telling the stranger they just married (which we’re not buying). In previous season, salary has been discussed in vague terms like “I’m financially secure.” Or not. Then we’re shown the rent costs of their new homes, so viewers can run the numbers and weigh in on whether the couples are making smart decisions and living within their means. I’m sure the social media trolls are having a blast with that.  (that, and with social worker Sonia rolling up in her Lexus)

Nick and Sonia find a home they love and don’t seem awkward at all talking about filling it with kids and dogs. (Sonia, he’s talking about making babies with you, please promise to never ever question whether he’s attracted to you?). Hopefully Nick realizes that the dogs have to stay out of the bed if kids are going to happen.

Lilly and Tom are full on adulting…. Lilly by cooking and Tom by washing his feet. Then our fave horny teens return to christen their new homes. Good night MAFS, see you next week!


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