Married at First Sight Season 4 Recap: Episode 4, the Honeymoons

The suspense is really killing me this season. I mean, it does every season but this is like an emotional rollercoaster for the viewer. There is so much positivity and potential… then somber looking previews of Decision Day. I know I said that this season would be good not matter the outcome, and that’s still true. But gosh darn it, I want a happy ending for everyone!

So, we continue with the honeymoons, which expert Rachel tells are for “making happy memories. Then quickly learn that Tom and Lilly are making more than memories, they are making love.

According to Dr. Pepper the honeymoon allows them to relax now that their finally “alone”. Yes, totally alone with that camera crew in the hotel room. No big deal. We’re reminded of this when Tom and Lilly are filming a post-coital diary cam… with another camera on them, totally voiding the intimacy the diary cam is supposed to suggest. Tom’s Instagram gives us a peek at what the filming set up looks like.

Source: Tom Wilson Instagram

Crazy. So, is their off-camera time pre scheduled, so they know exactly what time to expect the camera in the morning? Do they just get like an hour notice to get ready, or do they call down when they’re awake and ready to go? Wouldn’t it kill the mood knowing you have to kiss and tell all of America the next morning?

Tom sums up the previous night by saying “We were both nervous and shaking with excitement,” making it sound more like maybe they were actually robbing a 7-11 together. No sign of nervous twitching out on the beach as Tom and Lilly flirt like crazy and lotion each other up with and suavely lotions Lilly up. Tom casually mentions that he made them some temporary wedding rings, so they could leave their real ones in the safe. Stop right there. We know he’s into restoration work but how exactly did he just make some rings? Like did he swipe a lighter and tin can of Beef-a-roni while at the 7-11 and weld some tin bands?

Tom also tells us that before the wedding he was always expecting the worst and hoping for the best out of marriage. But that what he and Lilly got from each other was way beyond what they expected.

I LOVE this so much! I’ve always said that Josh is not the man of my dreams. What I found in him greatly exceeded all my dreams. I mean, c’mon our life is amazing! He’s amazing.

After a day spent frolicking in waterfalls, it starts to rain so Tom and Lilly recreate their wedding ceremony (In his People blog Tom says he actually repeated his wedding vows to her… awww.)

This reminds me of a bad joke. What’s worse than when it’s raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis. Give yourself a minute. Got it? Good.

So with their crazy chemistry, it’s no surprise that Tom and Lilly were the first to do the deed. But Sonia opens up and admits that she has thought about it a lot (especially now that she’s seen him undressed) but is going to try hard not to have sex too quick. So, she and Nick continue creating some PG rated (not G, because there is a little bit of cleavage) honeymoon memories by going stand up paddle-boarding. Sonia is tackling her fear of water with this activity and “She’s kind of a badass,” sums up Nick.

This is also awesome because facing a fear together as a couple is SO powerful! So yes, Lilly and Tom, you do want to go skydiving together. We highly encourage this in our book. But this post from our team building blog explains how fear makes us vulnerable and builds mutual respect.

Nick and Sonia continue their fun day with a super lame looking horseback ride which was redeemed by the super romantic kiss they share beneath a waterfall at the end. A kiss that gave us viewers some hope that they aren’t actually just stuck in the friend zone while trying to convince themselves otherwise.

Meanwhile, the mood is more subdued with Heather and Derek as Derek’s smoking continues to create a divide between them. Heather confesses to him that she is super uncomfortable with his frequent smoking… and then should have stopped talking, instead of continuing on to tell him she is “so turned off”. That’s going to make any guy instantly defensive, and sure enough, Derek walks off feeling betrayed. Heather says she doesn’t know where to go from here and I’m yelling at her to please call Dr. Pepper, stat! Let her mediate this for you so you can enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!!

We’re ready to move on from this drama to more lovey-dovey sweetness, but instead are left like


Because out of nowhere, the other two couples are fighting. Especially confusing was Sonia’s emotional reaction to Nick’s comment about not wanting to rush anything. Maybe we didn’t see the whole conversation? But our hearts sink when Sonia tells us “I’m kinda over him.”

Tom and Lilly’s fight stems from yet another one of his unsuccessful attempt to “tell” Lilly about the bus he lives in without actually telling her the truth. And now it’s feeling like maybe this confession is becoming a bigger thing than it needs to be? And also starting to feel like a Dr. Suess rhyme:

Would you like a tiny house? One that’s built more for a mouse?

Would you live there in that yacht? Now that we have tied the knot?

What about a bus for us? One that’s not a lot of fuss?

You may like it, you will see, you may like it there with me.

Both of these arguments feel like more of a reaction to the stress and exhaustion of the whole experience, not as if they are going to send the relationships off course. Unlike Derek and Heather, whose ship seems to have sailed into an iceberg, after a painful second attempt to reconcile their differences on the definition of occasional and whose vice is more offensive.

Reflecting on this exchange, Heather looks like she’s modeling for her own line of sad face emojis. And I’m sad for them too. Even sadder after reading all the stupid social media comments from mean trolls judging Heather. Stop, just stop. She’s a real person.

The previews tease that things are looking a little brighter for Derek and Heather next episode… can’t wait to find out!



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