Married at First Sight Recap: The Weddings

Our wedding day episode resumes with the downpour that is memorializing Tom and Lily’s wedding. Lily is understandably freaking out as her beautiful updo melts to her face and her veil melts to the sidewalk. She finally commits to walking down the aisle and as Tom says “I see her and it feels really good. She is gorgeous. The fact that she’s still willing to walk down the aisle (in the rain) speaks volumes.” Truth.

We don’t learn whether Lily’s mother viewed rain at the wedding as an omen, but hopefully for her family it’s representative of positive things like fertility, cleansing, unity and renewal.

As Lily, Tom and the minister snuggle in under the only two umbrellas to be found, the women guests scramble to cover up with something that looks about as useless as a washcloth. The men are left to just shiver and soak.

Just as we’re all shouting at our TV’s telling them to move the ceremony indoors – there has to be an empty meeting room or even a lobby that can accommodate a small group for a few minutes –the sun comes out.

“He’s smiling, and I’m smiling too because he’s so handsome. I feel like I’m a very lucky girl.”

And the attraction is…

Phew, there seems to be a mutual attraction. This is a big deal, as past seasons have had couples with an attraction disconnect and it’s always a little awkward. It’s usually the girl who isn’t excited by her surprise dude, and let me tell you, you’ve got to be pretty cool, confident guy to handle hearing out on national TV that a girl doesn’t find you attractive (I’m looking at you, Doug from season 1).

Meanwhile, Heather has wisely chosen and indoor wedding. This is good because she’s already getting the pukey panics and the rain definitely would not be good for her stomach. We all know this feeling – like when you have an important presentation. Or you’re about to lead a hard rock climbing project (OK, so maybe not everyone has been there). Anyway, you’re jittery and your stomach is churning and you just want to cry, scream and throw up at the same time?

“He’s got a nice face. I’m kinda big on faces. He’s got a nice one.” OK, I love this glimpse into Heather’s dry humor! We learn that she is into hip hop, and that Derek has a dog named Josh (great name!)

Lucky for Heather, her beachy indoor ceremony is tasteful affair. The first couple seasons had some pretty terrible décor where not much was done to improve the drab, austere conference room, just adding to the discomfort of the whole thing.

So we’re two for two with the mutual attraction, setting the scene for much worry by Sonia and Nick about being found attractive by their spouse. We’re left hanging a couple times, first when Sonia hesitates for an uncomfortably long moment before saying “I Do”, leaving Nick’s mom literally on the edge of her seat.

While Nick is not forthcoming in confessing his attraction in person, we do hear voiceover’s of him saying things like “She’s very pretty – I couldn’t have asked for more of a beautiful bride,” which were clearly interviews done at some point in the future. Because all he gives us when his bride appears is “I’ll take that.” Like, to go with a drink and side of fries???

Nick is really uncomfortable about giving a strange woman a compliment. In everyday life, there’s a risk that a guy would come off as creepy or leering, but on your wedding day… it’s kind of important, at least according to Nick’s mom who says she’ll talk to him about this grave omission, immediately contradicting last week’s proclamation that she would be a mother in law that “minded her own business”. Well, maybe she did remember to mind her own business, because instead of Nick coming forward with a compliment, Sonia’s mom essentially forces poor Sonia to as Nick herself, as she translates for her mother. Cringe.

So, finally we’re three for three mutual attractions. One of the changes made to the matching process this season was to submit photos of exes to gauge the time of person they’re attracted too. Seems to have worked, yay!

Eventually the couples and their families are feeling better about this whole weird situation and we get tons of feel-good, alcohol induced sentiment.

Tom’s sister tells Lily that after seeing immediate chemistry between the two of them, he gets her blessing. “Your family is so sweet and so warm, I feel like it’s our gift that we get you.”

Derek’s mom tells Heather that “as crazy as I thought this was when I heard about it, I don’t think that any more. I just like you.”

Nick, who couldn’t tell his bride that she looked nice, now has enough liquid courage to tell her friends that “I love her. I might have found love at first sight.”

After so much surgery sappiness, we need clear our palate, so Lily’s sister throws in some salt with some drama about not being included in the bridal party. Honestly what was most uncomfortable to me was that the sister referred to the groom as Tommy. Please don’t give an adult an adult man a nickname ending in a “Y” without permission.

Just like the conversation, the dancing loosens up as the alcohol flows. Nick succinctly describes the first dance “We got past the 1st grade level, almost got around to 8th grade, 9th grade, almost senior year.” Then the night winds down and we’re off for the wedding night. The word chemistry is thrown around by all couples but of course we’re left hanging as to whether the marriage will be consummated and whether or not Nick’s best man loses all his money from betting against them.

And just as the show ends and we’re all wiping away tears of happiness, we’re treated to a montage of dramatic season preview clips. Fights and tears that leave us doubting that any one of them are going to last.

Hopefully they all find their happily ever after, but whether they do or don’t, I’m still going to enjoy sharing their experience. I’ve read a lot of social media comments from people describing the last two seasons as terrible failures because none of the couples stayed together. To which I want to respond, if you want a guaranteed love story go watch a scripted romantic comedy. Or even the Bachelor, where the couple is at least guaranteed to be together until the end of filming (whether they want to be or not). Personally, I don’t want there to be pressure on these couples to stay together for the audience. I want them to have permission to be true to themselves because that’s exactly what differentiates MAFS from most current reality TV.

What do you think, any predictions on who will stay together and who won’t? Which couple would you like to have as guests as a dinner party?


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