A Perfect Proposal

We can’t say it was a “picture” perfect proposal because we’ve never been the best picture takers, and don’t have any from the actual proposal (and very few from the weekend). So, we keep the moment is engraved in our memories.

The surf teamed with leopard sharks as we launched our tandem kayak and paddled out towards the open sea. After an hour or so, we stopped to rest our arms. With the beach in the distance, our only company was a pelican and the stillness only broken by the hacking barks of sea lions. I turned around to talk to Josh and was surprised with a proposal!

How long had Josh been working to set up this perfectly romantic scene? All of 24 hours. But I’ll let Josh tell his own story…

It Starts With the Ring

Shopping for the engagement ring was lame. It was not my favorite thing. Everywhere I went I was upsold. If I had had access, I would have made my own.  I’ve always been creative and grew up going to art fairs with my mom. I also wanted a personal touch. When I was a kid, my dad made my mom a wooden mirror. It was beautiful and fantastic, the perfect gift. That definitely left an impression, so I’ve always believed that anything special in life should be personal.

I thought about finding a hippy jewelry maker but ran into the challenge of where to buy a stone. I still plan to create a ring some day, but didn’t want to delay the proposal too long, so I ended up going corporate, but at least chose something meaningful; the design has the feel of a dihedral with a chockstone).(it’s beautiful and perfect, Aminda butts in to add)

So, finally I can move on to the proposal. It has to be on top of a rock. Where else, dinner? Aminda was obsessed with climbing. She had seen some pictures online of a place in Big Bear, California that looked to have a perfect pinnacle. We made plans to go over Labor Day weekend.  The area turned out to be a little disappointing compared to the pictures. After two days we felt we had fully sampled the routes. And that cool pinnacle? Was really a 20-foot boulder overlooking a parking lot. There isn’t really such thing as a bad summit—  I didn’t need to waste time chasing the perfect towering peak with  breathtaking view – but this one just wasn’t inspiring. So, I started thinking about what else was cool to do in the area. I had really enjoyed my time kayaking in La Jolla Cove and Aminda had never been, so it seemed like the perfect detour.

I had been carrying the ring around all weekend in a zippered pocket and moved it to our daypack for our kayaking. (Aminda definitely noticed how overproctective he was being with the backpack, but didn’t catch on, she was still surprised!) I was kind of winging it, didn’t really know how to do it out there in a compressed space and with Aminda’s back to me. But I for sure wasn’t going to back down— if I didn’t do it on the water, the only other option would be on the beach and that would be way too lame. Plus, I was happy to get the ball rolling on our wedding!


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