Wedded Wednesday (A Story of Second Chances)

This week I (Aminda) continue the story of how Josh and I met. It must be said that this story is told entirely from my perspective. Josh would have had no idea this was all going on in my head!

“What do you mean, you’re not meeting here anymore,” I asked the guy on the other line.  Did you tell anyone you were changing plans?”

It was an afternoon at the end of June and I was standing in a parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona. The intense summer heat was definitely giving my voice more of an edge than I would normally take with a stranger, especially one who was a friend of a friend. (Especially if I had known it was the man I would eventually marry.)

But let me back up. Since meeting in the spring, Susan and I had been getting together regularly for hiking and climbing. Which is what we were supposed to be doing when I ended up on the phone call in the parking lot. Susan had organized a get together for Solid Rock members at a local indoor climbing gym. When I finally got in touch with her I found she had become ill, and asked her friend Josh to take over the gathering.

Susan gave me Josh’s number and that’s when I found out that Josh had taken over by completely changing the plans! “I’m sorry you didn’t get my e-mail,” he said. “We’re bouldering at Camelback Mountain”

We returned to Camelback two years later to take engagement photos.

“Camelback Mountain!” I exclaimed. That’s outside, isn’t it too hot? It will take me at least a half an hour to get there and by then it will be getting dark. I’m not sure it will be worth the drive, so, you probably won’t see me.”

“Who is this guy?” I muttered to myself, after ending the call and tearing angrily out of the parking lot.  “Thanks for completely wasting my time, Josh… whoever you are.” And once again, I almost missed the opportunity to meet Josh.

As I approached the turnoff towards Camelback, the little voice of reason inside my head started talking. “So, your time is so important, what are you going to do with it all now, huh? Go home and watch TV with your cats?”

OK, that’s a good point.

“Yes, it is. It wouldn’t hurt you to get out and meet some new people. You know, you might actually have a good time.”

OK, I get it, I thought, as I made the turn towards Camelback Mountain.

So there I go again – a second time I try to get out of meeting Josh and still get one more chance. Thank goodness God’s plans are bigger than me and he won’t let me – my pride, my stubborness, my fear – get in the way of myself!  Clearly, if it was solely up to me to get the job done, I’d still be living alone with my cats. (and Josh would probably be living out of his truck in the forest somewhere).

What about you – what second chances have you received?


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