Wedded Wednesday (Something Different)

So, this started as a travel blog, but there is much more to our lives than just travel and outdoor adventures. Faith and family are at the center. Especially now that we’re promoting a marriage book.

While we’ll continue to add family travel posts, we’ll also start a series of relationship posts as part of “Wedded Wednesdays.”

This April marks our 10th wedding anniversary, so we have a couple months to share the story of our marriage. Let’s start with how we met. The story our of meeting involves climbing, of course, and starts with a mutual friend, Susan. How Aminda met Susan is a story in itself.

Aminda climbing, 2004

It was the spring of 2004 and time for the annual Phoenix Bouldering Competition, a local rock-climbing event. Because the Comp was held on BLM land about 90 minutes outside of Phoenix, participants and spectators alike would camp out and make a weekend of it. I was going to cheer on some friends and had made plans to camp out with my good friend Kristi and a group that included a guy I had recently dated (but was no longer).  I was not really looking forward to joining them, so I was happy to run into another friend as I drove through the camping area. “Sure, you can camp here with us,” Chris said, before introducing me to his companions,  Dan and Mick.IMG_20160223_202317984

The highlight of the competition was the finale party where vendor booths provided product demos and entertainment.  I’m not a huge drinker, but with the alcohol being so cheap and plentiful, I let myself indulge more than usual.  So much so that I was too embarrassed to visit a booth I really wanted to – “Solid Rock Climbers for Christ.”  Since taking up the sport of rock-climbing two years before, I had yet to meet any climbers who were also Christians. How wonderful it would be to spend time with people who shared both my faith and my favorite pastime.

When the competition ended Sunday morning, Dan and Mick invited me to climb with them. At the crag, we met another group of three– two guys and gal. One of them wore a t-shirt from “Solid Rock climbers for Christ.”  Thank you God for giving me a second chance to connect with them!

Like me, Susan, wasn’t planning on being there that day—she had also met her partners at the event. What a coincidence! I didn’t leave without getting her contact information so we could get together again.

At the time I of course had no idea that this connection would eventually have such a life-altering impact on my life. I love reflecting back on this story and how God was moving. Sometimes when I’m feeling stagnant or getting restless for change to happen, all I have to do is remember stories like these, stories of how even the most mundane circumstances can be aligning to produce greatness.  What about you? Where can you look back and see God at work in unexpected circumstances?

Messy Marriage

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