Go Big AND Go Home

IMG_20150705_100808149_HDR A new chapter of our life is upon us— traveling with a baby on board.  Camp celebrated his fifth week of life with his first adventure (outside the womb), which had us going big – 20-hours, 1300-miles, 4-states – up to Aminda’s home town in Oregon. Here’s are some highlights.

The Highs

  1. First day was a confidence booster. We braced ourselves for the worst, got an early start and planned our shortest distance for day one. Camp was not yet taking bottles, so we assumed our frequent stops would necessitate double the normal travel time. We were pleasantly surprised when our happy camper slept for hours, and we reached our destination shortly after lunch.
  2. Camp’s first night camping! Thankfully, the rain stopped soon after IMG_20150706_061956201_HDRpitching our tent, so we could sleep without fear of a flood. (more on camping with baby later)
  3. Five weeks into parenting, we proudly pulled a veteran move with a middle-of-the night departure. Our third driving day was our longest, nine hours at a normal pace. After Camp’s night feed, we hit the road at 3a.m. Our plan was successful, as we arrived 13 hours later.
  4. After our long, desert drives, watching the sunrise in northern California’s Lassen National Forest was a refreshing treat.
  5. We fully broke in our “new to us” truck. (more on that later)

The Lows

  1. Our first stop was Mt. Charleston, a sky island north of Las Vegas where we were looking forward to walks in the cool piney air. Instead, we arrived just in time for the afternoon thunderstorm. After hours of driving, we then spent hours inside the truck waiting out the storm. We couldn’t even get a break to set up our tent (we didn’t really want it sitting out getting soaked, anyway). At least with the truck parked, Camp wasn’t confined to his car seat.
  2. The thunderstorms dumped hail — on our “new to us” truck.
  3. On day two, Camp revolted against his car seat. We were lucky if we could drive more than half an hour at a time. The route between Las Vegas and Reno is bleak… with very few places one would want to pull over and feed a baby. At one point we found ourselves in the parking lot of a brothel. Ick.

So, that’s traveling with a baby. I wish we had some words of wisdom or tips and tricks, but there really isn’t much else to do but stay flexible and patient with a baby whose needs are constantly changing. (and with each other!)

We did work out a pretty good system at our stops, with Josh would take the baby first for a diaper change, while Aminda used the facilities and situated herself to take the baby for feeding. We both became very efficient and skilled at performing our tasks in a confined space.

We’re grateful to Aminda’s parents who are allowing us to hang out for a few weeks and give us break before we have to turn around and do it again! Any advice for a successful second part of our road trip?


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