From Peru to Puerto Rico

Streets of San Juan

After returning from Peru, we had just enough time to say hello to our home before departing on our next adventure trip.  The beautiful city of San Juan Puerto Rico awaited, as the departure point for our 7-night Caribbean Cruise.

Since we hadn’t really pictured ourselves cruising any time before our own 40th anniversary, we were pretty surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Sure, we expected to enjoy the time with family, good food and beautiful island, but it took us a couple days to adjust to the crowds, lines, the dress code and strict schedule. Soon we relaxed, got into the groove and thoroughly enjoyed our days full of snorkeling, surfing, hiking, kayaking and biking— followed by a four course meal.

We know there probably isn’t much new to be written about cruising—but we figured we’d put together a top 10 favorite cruise moments from two non-cruisers.

1. Reminiscing about our Colorado River trips, while falling asleep to the soothing rocking boat.

2. Walking a mile from the taxi line at theBarbados port to take a cheap local transportation to the beach. We squeezed in and joined the party, jamming to the loud reggae tunes.

  1. surf shop owner, Brian Talma

3. Of course, a bunch of awkward pasty Americans can never dream of obtaining the coolness factor inherent to being a Barbadan. So, how awesome to meet someone who even the locals think is cool— an ex-pro windsurfer who now owns a surf shop.

  1. Speedo counting became a sport on the internationally popular beaches. Winning the count was on St. Kitts, where Josh enjoyed watching a bunch of sun burnt Germans play beach volleyball… all sporting Speedos.
  2. Escaping the cheese. While we certainly found plenty of enjoyable on-board entertainment—moves, comedy shows, water slide— we also took great pains to stay far from the dark side of ship entertainment— like the hairy chest contests, macerena dances and bingo night.
  3. Josh enjoyed a special bonding moment during a partner stretch at a fitness center class. He got to squeeze the leg of the instructor, a British guy showing off his shaved legs with some short shorts.
  4. We did the walk of shame as the last people to board the ship before departure. And found out that they really take that departure time seriously. Because they seriously want you on that ship as much as possible so you’ll spend more money.hiking on St. Lucia
  5. 8. They take it so seriously that they make the service staff stand out on the deck and watch the last people board so that for the rest of your night, your room steward and dinner server can remind you how close you came to being left behind.
  6. 9. That’s just how attentive the service staff on ships are and because they were so wonderful, Aminda refrained from asking them stupid guest questions. You know, like “what do you do with the ice sculptures after they melt?” or what time is the midnight buffet?”
  7. The best part of the trip may be the fact that Aminda’s parents went ziplining. And snorkeling. It’s pretty rad that they’re still trying new adventures.

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