Au revoir, Oh Canada

This week our trip winds down as we start our journey back south. Hard to believe—the last six weeks have gone so fast. The timing is perfect, though—we’re tired. Tired of carrying a pack, tired of hiking up (and down) steep hills, tired of wearing really uncomfortable shoes, tired of tweaking our bodies into unnatural positions. We’re ready for a week of R&R (well… maybe less) until we miss it again.

It’s difficult though. We’ve both really enjoyed Squamish and feel like we’re leaving with too many routes undone. We’ll miss the soft grades–good for the ego. We’ll miss pitches that have you use as many tree roots for holds as you do rock. Just good motivation to return.

And while Canada doesn’t exactly feel “foreign”, we’ll miss buying groceries with loonies and toonies. We’ll actually miss guide books that utilize the metric system, since that’s way more compatible with the ropes which are manufactured in metric lengths. And of course we’ll miss the beautiful scenery and friendly people.

This week the weather jumped from cold and rainy to dry and hot ensuring we got to the crags early to get the most out of the morning shade. Rest days found us doing touristy stuff… going to the farmer’s market, touring the Olympic Park (pretty unmemorable, sorry to report) and hanging out in Whistler Village — a cool outing since there was a mountain biking festival taking place. Which of course had us jonesin’ to get on our bikes again!

This week’s ticks

The Apron, Snake. Cool, wandery line with lots of slabby laybacking.

The Apron, Rock On. Steep and straight up. Nice, shady north-facing route, perfect on a 90 degree day.

Bit of cragging at the Chief Base (cool!), Smoke Bluffs (crowded!) and The Upper Malamute (windy!).


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