Rainy days

Phoenicians don’t have any right to whine about the two inches of rain we receive each year.  In fact, we usually embrace it.  The rain cleanses the air, bringing relief from the smell of dirt that usually permeates our desert life.   It clears the skies, letting us enjoy the view further into the distance than these hazy skies allow.

But the 300+ days of blue skies leaves us outdoorsy-sorts pretty spoiled as we expect to be able to do activity any time we want without having to take into account the weather.  So the “frequent” rains we’ve had this year have left Josh and I just a little whiny.  It’s not so much that it rains as much as when it rains.  Like every time we both have more than one day in row free.

Take the third week of January.  One full week of freedom, during which neither of us had any commitments requiring we stay close to home. It was the week before Josh started teaching spring- semester classes and Aminda’s college-planning meetings started.  And it rained – or at least threatened to rain – every day.  Since then, we’ve enjoyed plenty of great day-trips, climbing and biking close to home.  But the itch to travel further, to spend a night under the stars, is always there.  And we finally got another chance this past weekend…when it rained again.  Since neither of us had planned any work over the weekend, we enjoyed an unusually lazy couple days that included a lot of reading and watching movies.

Oh, and I tried out this unusual recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies.  I was pretty intrigued to find cookies made with only three ingredients but doubted that anything edible could come of it.  So, I compromised by adding three optional ingredients.  Here’s the original recipe:

Mix one cup sugar, one cup peanut butter and one egg. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 350.

To which I added: 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp vanilla and  ¾ cup chocolate chips

The result was quite enjoyable – basically a meringue, which I should have predicted.

Sunday afternoon we finally got completely stir crazy and made a run for the trail as soon as it looked like there might be a break in the showers.  We needed to burn off all those cookies, after all.  At first it looked like it might be a lost cause.  As soon as we hit the dirt, the sprinkles started and the black clouds piled up on the horizon.  But it was over as soon as it started and we enjoyed a wonderfully cool, refreshing ride.  Because that is the beauty of rain.


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