Home for the Holidays

Greetings from our little home!  Well, little depending on your frame of reference, I suppose.  After living in a truck, a 900 square foot condo feels like an upgrade.  Even with three of us, including Josh’s brother, sharing our central Scottsdale digs.  ( Josh loves having a “dude friend” around!)

That’s where we landed after returning to the valley in September.  With our house rented out to a nice couple, we opted to keep our expenses low while Aminda figures out what to do with the rest of her life. For now I’m trying to work out how to join Josh in the world of self-employment. It’s a little scary, but once you’ve experience three months of freedom, a 50-hour a week desk job with two annual weeks of vacation significantly loses its appeal.  We can’t stop brainstorming plans for next year’s trip.

Josh is finally winding down after a busy fall, with numerous trips, classes and programs to lead and teach throughout October and November.  Of course that means he finally has time to work on website upgrades and plan ahead for the spring.  He’s also doing some real estate work in addition to acting as property manager for our homes.

We still get out climbing or biking as often as possible, appreciating that we can still do so this time of year and loving the continued flexibility of being able to avoid crowded weekends at the crags.

We’re definitely enjoying Scottsdale living.  Not so much the luxury golf resorts and upscale shopping and restaurants that give the city its “Snots-dale” nickname.  Rather we love the simpler pleasures; long stretches of pedestrian paths, the beautiful pool & recreation center and easy access to hiking & biking trails and to our climbing gym.

Of course it’s also been an adjustment.  Half of our belongings (including our Christmas decorations) are still in a storage unit 45 minutes across town.  Josh doesn’t have his man-space out in the garage and I’m significantly lacking kitchen counter space.  We’re both working from 1.5 desks crammed into our room next to the king size bed.

This is the first year Aminda has not been to Oregon to spend Christmas with her parents & family.  Instead, I enjoyed a great week up there in early November, just in time to catch the changing leaves before they fell victim to the wind and rain.  While it’s a little difficult to be apart, I’m blessed to have such a fantastic, fun-loving family in Arizona to share the holidays with. 

We’ve definitely enjoyed 2009 and are looking forward to many more adventures in 2010 – we wish the same to you!


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