Full Circle

This week marks the occasion of having traveled full circle and arrived back in Flagstaff where we started.  And it’s raining, just like it was the weekend we spent at the same camp back in June.

Poor Josh had to get an early Saturday and his night was cut even shorter by a pre-dawn thunderstorms.  Now, I have always loved the grandeur of a good summer thunderstorm, but it’s quite different experiencing it from the thin nylon walls of a tent compared to peering out the window of a sturdy house.  It wakes you up when it’s about “15 seconds away” (for those who used to count the seconds between the lightning and thunder to determine how far it was).  Each subsequent strike gets about a second closer until all of a sudden the thunder and lightning feel frighteningly connected.   By then you’re wide awake since the lighting feels bright enough to cause eye damage and the crack of the thunder sounds like there has been a head-on collision in your campsite.  But it doesn’t last long – soon enough the thunder is 6 seconds away, then ten, then it finally fades far enough so you have to strain your ears to hear it and you can drift off back to sleep.

Returning to Arizona is a bittersweet occasion.  Of course neither of us are quite ready to face the reality of urban Phoenix.  But we also don’t take for granted that we are blessed to have had a fantastic summer with many treasured memories.   Josh is already busy, spending the weekend on a four-day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.  (and so this will be the first post that hasn’t been “Josh-approved)

While it’s lonely without him, I’m excited that he’ll get to spend a few days hanging out with some dudes – 15 to be exact.   I’m sure he needs it after spending 90 days with a capricious woman.  And I’ve had a fabulous time spending a couple days with some friends who are up from Phoenix.  Not to mention, it’s a treat to be able to spread out in the tent, which has felt smaller and smaller each day. We both have been pondering some end-of-trip top five lists which we’ll have to post next week given Josh’s absence.

If you would like to get a taste of Grand Canyon rafting, Josh will be guiding a trip for Scottsdale Community College, October 2-6.  Check out the details on how to register at his web site.

Otherwise, live vicariously and enjoy one of the funniest accounts of life on the river we’ve ever read, in this article from Outside Magazine.


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