The sun sets on Colorado

This week we continue to make our way southward towards Arizona.  First stop, the idyllic high mountain town of Telluride.  Here we enjoyed camping and mountain biking in the crisp, piney air.  We finally treated ourselves to some downhill riding at the ski resort, since the gondolas operate for FREE.  Given this major bargain when compared to the $20/person price in Jackson and other destinations, we had to resist the urge to ride up and down all day, enjoying the picturesque views of the valley.

Rocky Mountain Sunset
Rocky Mountain Sunset

Unfortunately our stay in Telluride was short as cold, wet weather drove us to lower ground and we bid a sad farewell to the Rockies.  We’ve spent the rest of the week in Durango where we’ve sampled the local climbing and singletrack.   The trails (including classic Hermosa Creek) are worth a visit, and while crags do not make this area a destination there is a unique variety of rock including sandstone, limestone and granite cliffs.  We snagged a national forest campsite located, amusingly, midway two paid campgrounds.  The hostess, who oversaw them both, was consistent in giving us the stink eye as she drove past on her morning and evening rounds.

Given the summer storms are still threatening, we’ve also spent a good chunk of time in the public library bumming an electric outlet for the laptop.  Modern, comfortable and spacious, we’ve found it to be one of the best of the many we’ve visited though lacking the crusty local character of libraries such as Jackson.  Yes we’ve become quite the connoisseurs of many things:  libraries, campgrounds, Super WalMarts, Laundromats…  ahhh, life on the road!


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