Mellow Mountain Mood

It’s been a super mellow week in the front range of the Rockies. After departing Denver we set up base camp south of Estes Park, the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The focus has been on climbing a good selection of routes at one of Josh’s favorite areas, Lumpy Ridge in preparation for a longer endeavor.  The area has been crowded with families and college kids, squeezing in one last camping trip before school starts in a couple weeks.  We feel their pain as we too carefully plan our time to get the most out of our dwindling days.

We enjoyed a rest day with Aminda’s cousin and her cool family, celebrating her son’s fourth birthday and catching up over lunch. What a wonderful sugary binge we had at ColdStone Creamery – it’s hard not to catch the enthusiasm of a gaggle of giggly four year olds at a birthday party.

Now we’re rested, well fed and ready to head out for a back-country climbing attempt in RMP where we’ll try to start taking pictures again.Wish us good weather!

This week’s ticks

West Ridge left (5.8) Cob Rock in Boulder Canyon.

Backflip (5.9) on the Book Mark. First 40 feet are nice, then it just gets blocky & wandery. Long descent down steep gulley with two awkward raps.

Mainliner (5.9-). on Sundance. Superb route with pleasant, varied climbing but it’s a five mile round trip hike to enjoy those five pitches.

Sorcerer (5.8+). awkward and hard to protect – wouldn’t give it the 3 stars that the book did.

Climb of the Ancient Mariner (first pitch only, 10a) on the Book End. Fabulous with a great crack followed by a fun roof move leading to exposed slab.


One thought on “Mellow Mountain Mood

  1. Ah, come on! You did the hard part of the Climb of the Ancient Mariner. You let those spaced out bolts scare you. That initial run out isn’t so bad. Go back and do it. Didn’t I tell you that the Sorcerer wasn’t very good. That is my least favorite climb that I’ve done at Lumpy. I’m surprised that you didn’t like Backflip. I love that climb. Maybe you got off route, which is easy to do on the traverse pitch. I think you must have done the descent wrong; I’ve always just walked off to climber’s right. Maybe I’m confusing descents.

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