Happy Independence Day!! Hope you had a great day celebrating and giving thanks for our amazing nation. We enjoyed spending the day in Klamath Fall, Oregon with Aminda’s aunts, cousin and cousin’s family.

On our way there, we also stopped in Reno to see Josh’s aunt, his cousin & wife and their family. What fun we’ve had reconnecting with everyone and seeing how big the kids are getting. And we send love & thanks to our aunts who have warmly hosted us. Our next stop is Oregon City (outside of Portland) where we’ll spend about a week with Aminda’s family. We’d barely even unpacked before we started gobbling up fresh fruit and berries from the backyard. Yum!!

This week has also marked the passing of our first month on the road. Hard to believe the summer is going so fast, but we feel pretty accomplished with the miles we’ve ridden and the feet we’ve climbed. And both of us are already climbing about a grade harder then pre-departure which is very encouraging.

We’ve adjusted well to living out of the truck; the dirt and bugs are barely noticeable after the first few days. We absolutely love the luxury of sleeping from dark to dawn and of eating large quantities of food after long, tiring days. Josh and I still like each other and manage to find things to talk about even after spending 16 hours a day together. I mean really, when the biggest decisions you have to make are whether to stay in Yosemite or continue on to Tahoe, it takes effort to pick a fight. Life is pretty chill.

It’s slightly unnerving returning to the city after living in the forest for 33 days. We’ve become pretty sensitive to crowds, artificial lighting and the general busy-ness of say, the local Safeway. But as we’re nearing the mid-point of our travels, this is the perfect time to take a little break. It’s heavenly to sleep in a real bed again after sleeping on thin pads on the ground. We’re thoroughly enjoying some cuisine variation. Due to refrigeration challenges, we try to minimize the amount of perishable food we have around. Hence our diet has become a bit repetitive. Rice. Potatoes. Pasta – repeat.

We’re also eagerly anticipating using the dishwasher and the washer/dryer to give all of our dishes and clothes a thorough clean, as opposed to our normal wash and rinse cycle. (Camping has been a bit more expensive then one would ever imagine. We figure if the money we save on laundry is better used for showers)

Laundry wash & rinse

Laundry hanging

*****************This week’s ticks in Lover’s Leap******************

Hospital Corner, 5.10a.  A fun, corner with though-provoking stemming moves and good rest stances.  The real climbing is only a pitch long, so don’t make the long hike up just for this route, combine it with another one.

Corrugation Corner, 5.7.  Skip Bear’s Reach and do this cool route instead.  Fun, varied terrain with some balancy, exposed crux moves.  Though a little wandery, route-finding is never a problem as this popular route follows a clear trail of chalk.

MTB tip: don’t scoff at riding forest roads in Tahoe as these often create the best loops.  The singletrack is frequently steep and rocky, so locals know to grunt up the roads and save enough energy to enjoy the descent.

Wattabike Shop in Meyers (South Lake area) has cool staff and great service.  Stop there if you need gear or guides.


One thought on “Outside-in

  1. Kyle

    I love the comment about the unnervingness of returning to the city. I never left the city and still get that feeling walking into the local safeway,

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