Sendin’ and Shreddin’

We’re both a little sad to have left Yosemite but after two weeks of wrestling granite our tired bodies and hands were telling us to mix it up a little by shreddin’ some singletrack.  Or in other words, mountain biking the world class trails of Lake Tahoe.

Aminda riding

Tahoe is where Josh fell in love with MTB and it’s easy to see why.  While we’ve mostly avoided the circus that is the area’s big name trails* (Flume, Mr. Toad’s, etc.)  We haven’t been disappointed by some of the area’s more ignored trails.  From the mellowest forest road spin to steep, uphill slogs followed by sweet & smooth descents, the air is fragrant, the wildflowers abundant and there are frequent views of snow-capped peaks or the crystal blue waters that are the centerpiece of the region.

Since we have to give our bums a rest that gives us time to climb a little at Lover’s Leap.  We got up early to be first in line for the highly popular line, The Line. (see below for route notes) We also climbed this classic route, but not as fast as the guy in this video:

We’re looking forward to a couple more days sendin’ and shreddin’ here before we move on to visit some friends and family.

*******climber/MTB notes****************

Non-climbers, a link to a climbing dictionary has been posted to the right.

The Line is the straightest three pitches of 5.9 around.  A sporty crux at the start with fun mantle & roof moves at the top.

Bear’s Reach 5.7, is a classic, mountaineering line up big, wobbly flakes.  Don’t make plans to climb this route on a weekend.

Lovers Leap campground is one of the best camping values in the region at $10 night (except for a multitude of free, forest service camping).  Walk-in sites but secluded, quiet and well-equipped.

*We did get on the Tahoe Rim Trail, which really does have some beautiful views. (second to the Flume) Just ride these on a week-day.


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