This week’s top five

So there’s not much to report about our week, but I put together a list of Top 5 things that made us laugh: 

5. A small town waitress complaining about how much cleaning up she had to do of the table next to us.  She seemed to be trying, though not very hard, to keep her comments under her breath.  but umm, hello, we’re three feet away and we can hear you!

4. Watching Josh prove to his family that he could fit himself in the trunk of the rental car.

3.  Spending a night on the couch at Josh’s brother’s house.  It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out in a dude’s college apartment…I won’t go into detail, but they never change.

2.  The poor Pittsburgh residents taking their first flight on Southwest Airlines and being absolutely flustered by not having an assigned seat.

1.  Armadillo road-kill through Texas and Oklahoma.  I wish I had had the chance to see one of these creatures alive – they are really funny looking.

 Oh yeah and we also kept ourselves amused by reciting lyrics from our new favorite song by Flight of the Conchords (yeah, we’re a little behind the times).



Now that we’re back at home for a few days, I’ll provide a little insight into how we live as adults in an empty home.  (It’s a little embarrassing)

 *To work on the computer we either sit on an inflatable exercise ball or on the floor. (thankfully this house has a built-in desk in the den)

*These are also our options for watching movies or “TV” on the computer, since our real TV and the couches are in the POD.

*For meals, we stand at the kitchen island or sit on a plastic patio chair

*We sleep on the floor on a borrowed air mattress


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