Ode to the Road

beautiful western PA
beautiful western PA

The summer trip is off to a bit of false start with lots of driving and zero climbing.  We’ve encountered a bit of a delay in that we weren’t able to finalize a lease on our house before our departure deadline.  So that means that after we’ve invested four days driving to the east coast, we’ll have to fly right back to Phoenix.  Hopefully we won’t be there long before taking off again, but this time only to California or Colorado – within a day or two away.

 This actually isn’t a huge readjustment to our plans, as our original trip design had been west-coast focused, in order to minimize driving and maximize time for activity.

At least this was the plan up until last fall when we set a goal to be ready to depart in time to get to Josh’s brother’s college graduation.  Since we had to travel to Pennsylvania for the graduation, why not just drive out and start out climbing trip from there, exploring some new east coast areas.   We’d start up north in New York, then make our south through West Virginia & Kentucky until the heat and humidity drove us back across Kansas to the Rocky Mountains.  Perfect.

 But a week before our trip we were all packed up and ready to go but without any plans for our already empty house.  So, we bought a return plane ticket and, given we already had planned the time to drive to PA, offered to drive out there in Josh’ brother’s car. So it ended up being a win-win.

We were blessed with an uneventful drive.  The highlight of the trip for Aminda was the chance to stop by and visit a good college friend outside of Tulsa and meet her new baby girl who was just about 48-hours old.

 Now the whole family reunited for graduation festivities and couldn’t be more proud. Congrats Tyler!!

Josh - always the good citizen
Josh – always the good citizen

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