In transition

Four weeks ago Josh and I packed about 80% of our belongings into a storage container (POD) that has been residing in our driveway.  (Yes, we apologize to our neighbors on a regular basis in an attempt to avoid complaints to the HOA)

 Since then we’ve gradually been adding more and more items.  Our rational for packing up so far in advance was make our house a better show to potential renters. 

 Anyone who has watched one of those reality real-estate shows might question this, thinking that homes need to be furnished and decorated to be properly staged.  Well, this assumes that one has high-quality, coordinating furniture and decore.  Which we do not.  So, our house was best shown mostly empty. 

 And that means we’ve been living in a mostly empty house for the past month.  Fortunately, both of us have been out of town for chunks of this time.  But it’s been a great way to ease into our summer life and we’ve been relieved to find that we’re surprisingly comfortable.


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